The consumption component of the food system leads to a discussion of what we are eating and is directly related to access as it influences where we are getting our food, whether we need to prepare it and in some cases where we eat it – at home or elsewhere. Many of our consumption patterns have been influenced by outside factors: busy lifestyles, lack of value and skills towards food preparation and food safety concerns have all influenced our diet choices. Additionally, lack of traditional foods, sensitivity to allergens and lack of nutritional knowledge can challenge our abilities to feed ourselves well.


Individual consumer food localism: A review anchored in Canadian farmwomen’s reflections, McIntyre, L. & Rondeau, K. 2011.

Type of Resource: Journal Publication (Review)
SFS Category: Cultural aspects of local food systems, Rural – urban distinctions, Local food economies, Access, Farmers’ Markets/CSA/ other, Food Cost, Food Deserts, Consumer preference/support

This review presents the unique challenges faced by rural households as they engage in food localism. By focusing their research on farmwomen, the authors also discuss the gendered experiences of producers and consumers.


From Kraft to Craft: Innovation and creativity in Ontario’s food economy, Betsy Donald, 2009.

Type of Resource: Working Research Paper
SFS Category: Field to Fork assessments, Local food economies, Community based Meat/dairy/other processing, Processing, Alternative distribution, Consumer preference/support

This paper offers a well-developed and researched backgrounder to the emerging creative food (defined as local, organic, specialty, and/or ethnic foods) sector. The author argues that while creative foods originated as a niche market to satisfy consumer preferences, today they offer considerable opportunity for the Ontario industrial and service sectors. The paper also maintains an impressive and resourceful bibliography.

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