The final component to consider in the food system development process is waste. There is an element of waste in each of the other food system components as product is further defined and handled. Most food is graded and substandard products disposed of as waste or relegated to further processing, other foods may generate peelings, pits or other waste as a result of processing. Food that is not handled or stored properly can deteriorate or spoil making it unfit for consumption. Also product that cannot find markets or adequate returns can be left in the fields un-harvested, or not transported to minimize losses and costs associated with production and harvest. Finally waste occurs at the various stages of storage, distribution and use as food is handled improperly or is not used before it spoils.


Food wastage Footprint – Sustainability Pathways – 2013

Type of Resource: Webpage, report, video
Link: http://www.fao.org/nr/sustainability/food-loss-%C2%ADand-waste/en/
SFS Category: Field to fork assessments, Reducing food waste, Environmental impact

This webpage hosts the 2013 FAO global food waste environmental impact assessment, toolkit, and database. Webpage also includes public instructional video, power point slides, and e-forum.

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