Food Policy and Action Groups

Food policy and action groups are becoming more prevalent in our social landscape. As with many collective actions, formation results as a response to a perceived problem or opportunity and as a mechanism for enacting change. They often begin organically as stakeholders reach out to one another to share common goals and activities. A more formalized policy or action group develops to facilitate the sharing and combining of resources, to create an identity for the action, to be a connection point for a wider base of stakeholders and to create a working space for policy or food system change.


Propagating The Food Movement: Provincial Networks And Social Mobilization In Canada, 2012

Type of Resource: Report
SFS Category: Food Policy/Action Groups – Provincial Networks, Food Systems approach/planning, Sustainability

In this exploratory research report, the authors present the underlying principals, benefits, challenges and future opportunities of provincial networks. Detailed examples, comparative evaluations, and recommendations are included.

Wekerle, G. R. (2004). Food Justice Movements: Policy, Planning, and Networks. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 23,378-386. doi: 10.1177/0739456X04264886

Type of Resource: Journal publication, Case Studies

SFS Category: Food Policy/Action Groups, Food Systems approach/planning

Using a comparative approach, Wekerle considers the emergence and future prospects of difference food justice group origins, models, and objectives. Case studies stem from Toronto-based policy groups.

Geographical Location of Municipal Food Policy Councils/Roundtables

Type of Resource: Tool, Interactive Map, Webpage
SFS Category: Food policy/Action groups

Interactive Map presents all active Municipal Food Policy Councils and Roundtables across Canada. Each listing has a brief description and a direct link to further resources.

Municipal food policy entrepreneurs: A preliminary analysis of how Canadian cities and regional districts are involved in food system change. – 2013

Type of Resource: Report
SFS Category: Food Policy/Action Groups, Government Leadership in SFS, Best Practices

This report presents and compares food policy development practices from 64 municipal initiatives across Canada. Discussion encourages the use of a “hybrid initiative model” with direct links to government.

A Performance Review of the First Six Years of the NYS Food Policy Council, 2013, Hunger Action Network of NYS

Type of Resource: Report
SFS Category: Food Councils, Best practices

Structured as a critical assessment of the short and long-term changes of the New York State Food Policy Council, this report outlines the barriers and best practices for establishing meaningful food policy groups.

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